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Alexandrinsky Festival
Alexandrinsky festival

International Alexandrinsky Theater Festival

The Annual International Alexandrinsky Theater Festival at the Alexandrinsky Theater has as its goal introduction of the art of state national theaters from various world countries developing diverse classic stage traditions and straining after modern means for theater expressiveness. Preservation of traditions and aspiration to speak modern theatral language with the public is presently an essential task for any national theater culture. The International Alexandrinsky Theater Festival aims at showing the world experience in this sphere.

The International Alexandrinsky Theater Festival is quite different in this regard from other international festivals held in our country in its focusing on the art of theater companies “with history,” those ones that have an all-nation value for their countries.

This target project is the first and only one intended for federal theaters of Russia. In this regard, the Alexandrinsky Theater is the initiator of a movement connected with integration of Russian national theaters in the system of national theaters of various world countries.

Showing other national theaters facilitates expansion of the aesthetic horizon of contemporary theater goers, allows to shape and develop a system of artistic coordinates of the public allowing to perceive and comprehend our national art not in isolation but in the context of traditions and innovations of diverse theater cultures.

Besides this, the St. Petersburg public will have a chance to get introduced to the art of major national world theaters, often coming with their tours only to Moscow. This is the unique value of the festival to the Northwest region of Russia.

The idea was to let the Alexandrinsky Festival to consequently introduce all major directions in the national theater art of the leading world countries, thus creating an impressive panorama of the current status of national theater cultures for the Russian public and theater figures.

The program of the Festival will include performances after compositions of the classics of national cultures, as well as productions of modern drama, performances of modern production coryphaeus and new directors.
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