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Alexandrinsky fund
Alexandrinsky fund

Alexandrinsky Charitable Foundation

The Alexandrinsky Charitable Foundation was established in June 2004. Three prominent St. Petersburg companies, old friends of Alexandrinsky Theater, became its founders: OAO Zvezda, AOZT Firm SSM-2, and Petersburg Real Estate Concern.

The Charitable Foundation targets to provide support and development of the Alexandrinsky Theater which occupies a unique place in the history of the Russian culture.

The goal of the Foundation consists of bringing together all those who had been contributing to supporting theater in its undertakings and also attract new friends interested in participating in new projects contributing to the renascence of the Russian theater and the Russian culture as a whole.

The Foundations Management

President of the Foundation: Sergey Parshin, Peoples Artist of Russia and Laureate of the State Award of the Russian Federation.

Executive Director: Svetlana Popova

Board of Trustees

V.V. Fokin, Artistic Director of the Alexandrinsky Theater, is the Head of the Board of Trustees. Members of the Board include representatives of the:

Government of St. Petersburg

State Russian Museum;

North-West Bank of the Russian Sberbank

Sevkabel-Holding Ltd.;

Piter Commercial Center.

On May 17, 2005, the General Meeting of the founders adopted decision to expand the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.

The Foundations activities

In the course of the past years, the Alexandrinsky Charitable Foundation took part in practically all theaters activities.

In 2006, Alexandrinsky Cultural Center was established at the theater; it includes the Russian Drama Museum and the Alexandrinsky Arts Saloon.

The Russian Drama Museum is the first and biggest in Russia exposition located in an actual theater building and open for public during the day time.

In the eight halls with total floor space of 400 sq. meters, several thematic exhibits are deployed; they represent unique collections of theater costumes, furniture, theater properties, portraits of actors, sketches of decorations and bill boards, pamphlets and programs of the XVIII - XX centuries.

The Foundation keeps purchasing interesting copies of unique publications, portraits and memorabilia of famous actors and directors for the museum.

The Foundation cooperates with various city tourist companies to organize tours around the theater and its museum.

An arts saloon Alexandrinsky was opened in the Carriage gallery of the theater. It has a variety of souvenirs with the theater logo, craftsmens works, works of artists on fabrics and china dedicated to the theater themes. The saloon also has a collection of theater literature for the variety of tastes: from albums and theater fiction to professional history of arts literature.

 In 2007, the Board of Trustees established the Society of the Alexandrinsky Theaters Friends.  

In March 2007, the Alexandrinsky Theater with the support of the Alexandrinsky Charitable Foundation took part in the PRO-Teatr-2007 exhibition; a series of seminars took place under its umbrella: they were dedicated to the theater promotion and options of commercial Internet advertising, ticket sales through the Internet and dealing with the audience, relations between the theater and mass media and the possibilities to take part in the off-program of European festivals.

The Foundation takes part in implementing the theaters program of formation of the youth audience and the cultural theater medium. Regular meetings with prominent directors and artists with the student audience take place under this program, as well as inter-university seminars, conferences and target performances for the youth audience.

The Alexandrinsky Charitable Foundation continues its work on establishing the Society of the Alexandrinsky Theaters Friends and looking for new partners for implementation of the 2008-2010 projects.


Executive Director of the Foundation: Svetlana Popova.

Deputy Director of the Foundation Olga Zharkovskaya.

Deputy Director of the Foundation on the museum/exhibits: Julia Ravvina.

Project Coordinator Irina Gavrilova.

Tel.: (812) 570-01-08

Tel./Fax: (812) 710-41-76

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