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Alexandrinsky fund
Alexandrinsky fund / for patrons

Dear friends!

You have a unique opportunity to stay in the memory of the future generations through your participation in the renascence of the great name of the first Russian state theater.

Your assistance to the Alexandrinsky Charitable Foundation will make a valuable contribution to the development of the Russian State Academy Pushkin Theater (Alexandrinsky.

You can make a special purpose charitable contribution for a specific charitable Foundations program or a donation to support Foundations charter activities. Your means will help to revive our culture and contribute to the success of the great theater and the arts as a whole. This will lead to strengthening humanitarian and economic achievements of our state.

We are also ready to discuss various forms of cooperation with the Foundation and sponsoring its projects.

President of the Alexandrinsky Charitable Foundation,
Peoples Artist of Russia,
State Award LAureate
Sergey Parshin

PROJECTS for the years 2008-2009

Special events dedicated the 210th anniversary of the birth of Empress Alexandra Fedorovna, Patroness of the Alexandrinsky Theater.

These events will take place under patronage of the Romanovs to Russia Foundation and personally of Dimitry R. Romanov, honorable member of the Alexandrinsky Theaters Friends Society.

The honorable ceremony of wreath laying on the grave of Empress Alexandra Fedorovna in the Peter and Paul Cathedral of the Peter and Paul Fortress will take place on August 30, 2008.

I Will Be Only His Friend when He Is on the Throne! an album of biography of Empress Alexandra Fedorovna, spouse of Nicholas I, is scheduled for release in the fall of 2008.

Jubilee events dedicated to the 40 years of Valery Fokins stage directing career.

An exhibit at the Tzars Lobby of the Alexandrinsky Theater in the fall of 2008.

Direction of V. Levanovs performance Ksenia. A Story of Love. Director Valery Fokin.

Special events dedicated the 200th anniversary of the birth of N. Gogol (2009)

Publication of A.A. Chepurovs book Gogols stories by Valery Fokin, fall of 2008.

Festival of performances of the PICCOLO TEATRO DI MILANO - TEATRO D ' EUROPA under the frames of the IV International Alexandrinsky Theater Festival fall of 2009

Commissioning of the Rest Home for the Alexandrinsky Theater veterans (township Olgino)

Program of the annual medical insurance of the Alexandrinsky Theater troupe

Medical insurance includes emergency assistance for the troupe members, hospitalization and in-patient treatment with all necessary medical provision.

Implementation of the events under the frames of Formation of the Youth Audience and Cultural Theater Medium program.  

This program aims to direct students creative activity towards studying the theater culture. It includes:

- establishing a special Alexandrinsky Award to students for research and popularization of the Alexandrinsky Theater art;

- organizing and holding conversazioni with prominent theater directors, artists, representatives of the creative intelligentsia of Russia (demonstrations of films and performances, organization of series of lectures, inter-university seminars with participation of arts historians and theater critics);

- publication of collected materials after round tables and seminars, publication of students reviews of the Alexandrinsky Theaters performances;

- holding target performances for the youth audience.

Educational Program 

The Alexandrinsky Foundation holds charitable excursions for high school and university students, and handicapped children. Educational excursions provide with an opportunity to get introduced to the basics of the theater culture and theater language, various theater professions (actor, director, artist, properties master), the history of the first professional theater troupe in Russia and careers and fates of the great actors.

Program of creation of the audio archive Golden Voices of the Alexandrinsky Theater 

An archive of audio records of the legendary performances of the Alexandrinsky Theater is currently under establishment with the Foundations support.

You are welcome to offer us your own ideas of mutual PR events. The Alexandrinsky Charitable Foundation is open for productive discussions and ready to consider various opportunities of mutually beneficial cooperation with leading representatives of the Russian and international business.

Tel/Fax: (812) 710-41-76, Tel.: 570-01-08


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