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19.05.2008 - The Alexandrinsky Foundation supported holding the III Singing Mask International Competition
On May 5-12, 2008, the III International Singing Mask Vocal Competition dedicated to the memory of Andrey Petrov took place on the stage of the Training Theater in Mokhovaya Street ; it was supported by the Alexandrinsky Charitable Foundation. The competition was crowned by a gala concert with participation of the award winners, the future singing actors of theater and cinema. This annual international vocal competition provides an opportunity for representatives of various theater schools of Russia and Europe to meet on one stage.

04.05.2008 - The House of Russian Drama
Original polygraph production was designed and published by the Foundation: a set of 17 post cards The Alexandrinsky Theater. The House of Russian Drama, a set of 12 post cards The Alexandrinsky through the Glass with views of the decorations for Vsevolod Meyerholds performance after M. Lermontovs drama Masquerade (1917), two picturesque postcards and a pocket size calendar. All these items are available at the Alexandrinsky arts saloon located in the carriage gallery of the theater.

04.05.2008 - The New Century of the Alexandrinsky Theater Photo Exhibit
A photo exhibit The New Century of the Alexandrinsky Theater took place at the lobby of the Moscow Chekhov Arts Theater on April 2-12, 2008 during the tour of the Alexandrinsky Theater in Moscow. This exhibit was sponsored by the Alexandrinsky Charitable Foundation; it introduced theater photographer Victor Sentsovs photos of the seven recent theater directions, that is Inspector General, The Double, The Living Corpse, and The Marriage by Valery Fokin, The Ivans by Andrey Moguchy, The Seagull by Crystian Lupa, and Oedipus King by Theodoros Terzopoulos, to the Moscow public.

06.09.2006 - Meeting of the members of the Board of Trustees of Alexandrinsky Charitable Foundation
The meeting of the members of the Board of Trustees of Alexandrinsky Charitable Foundation took place on September 5, 2006. The questions connected with personnel management were on the agenda. Andrey Zvelidovsky devolved power of executive director of the Fuondation to Irina Shestova. Other issues that required discussion were Funds higher priority trends, social support for the Alexandrinsky Theatre staff and also the perspectives and strategies of the Cultural Centre Alexandrinsky, which also represents the theatre-art gallery and the exhibition shop.

12.04.2006 - Projects for publications
Alexandrinsky fund makes new unique projects devoted to the Russian theatres history. 1. Alexandrinsky Theatres Encyclopedia. Actors and producers (1756-2006) (880 pages, 450 illustrations). Practically all the actors and producers who has been playing on the Alexandrinsky Theatres stage since 1756 will be presented in the Encyclopedia. The edition includes more than 2000 names. The biographical information has been made by the well-known in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow specialists in drama study and contains a maximum of the facts concerning the Alexandrinskys artists, taken from the archives, memoirs and periodicals.
2. Alexandrinskys stories the edition about the artists of Alexandrinskys stage (576 pages,120 illustrations). The album, devoted to the outstanding artists of the oldest Russian stage, will present them to the readers from the new unexpected side that was unknown until now. The edition is illustrated by the unique photos taken from the funds of the Imperial Theatres directorate and from the private collections from the Saint-Petersburg Museum of theatre and music art.

Dear sirs, friends!
You have a chance to take a part in printing of these editions as a sponsor. The terms and conditions of the participation in details you can find at the page The anniversary projects/editions.

29.09.06 - We give a Party devoted to the closing of an exhibition Theatre of famed master artists
We welcome you to the Party at the Marble Palace (White Hall) on October 3, 2006. This event is associated with the 250-year anniversary of the Alexandrinsky Theatre and with the closing of an exhibition Theatre of famed master artists. The Party program includes visiting the exhibition. This excursion will be guided by the staff of the Museum of Theatre and Music: Natalia Vainberg, Merited Worker of Culture of Russia and Roza Sadykhova, Head of expository department. Then you are welcome to the concert where the Alexandrinsky Theatre artists (Nikolai Marton, People`s Artist of Russia and Natalia Panina, Merited Artist of Russia) are going to sing romances. The management was done by the Charitable Foundation Alexandrinsky and The State Russian Museum Development Fund Russian Museum Friends.

29.09.06 - Exhibition INWETEX - 2006
Alexandrinsky Theatre and the Charitable Foundation Alexandrinsky are going to take part in the XIV International Tourist exhibition INWETEX - CIS TRAVEL MARKET. It is at the exhibition complex Lenexpo (Vasilievskiy Ostrov, Bolshoi prospect, 103, pavilion 7 stand 7020) on October 4-6, 2006. The Theatre and the Foundation will represent their commercial proposals in excursions and targeted performances realization to tourist companies, educational institutions, and other different organizations in Saint-Petersburg.

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