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25.07.2006 Irina Voznesenskaya, Merited Artist of Russia - carrier anniversary

August 1, 2006 Irina Voznesenskaya, Merited Artist of Russia celebrates her 45th carrier anniversary. She began to work in the Alexandrinsky Theatre named after A. Pushkin in 1961, after finishing the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music, and Cinematography. She saw her first fire in a very extreme situation because very unexpectedly she had been introduced in the rehearsal process of the famous Tavstonogov`s Optimistic Tragedy to play the part of Commissioner.

04.07.2006 Restorers discoveries
In the course of restoration works the parts of barrier box decoration were found on the inner side of the orchestra barrier The decoration was made in 1849 when the clothing color of the theatre auditorium was changed from silver-blue back to red velvet. The canvas which was used for that decoration was removed during the restoration work in 1932, and used for the orchestra barrier dressing. Moreover the canvas was hung back to front and dyed. Now we have all in all 20 meters of decorated canvas of different circles. The less destroyed parts will be presented at the exhibition of Alexandrinsky theatre museum.

04.07.2006 Oedipus Rex rehearsal

The first rehearsal of new performance Oedipus Rex took place today. The famous Sophocles` tragedy is being staged at the Alexandrinsky Theatre by the well-known director Theodoros Terzopoulos. His rehearsals are special for their actor trainings, from which he starts the work on the performance. The training will be held by assistant director, the Greek artist Savvas Stroumpos. Georgios Patsos, the art director has presented his decoration model for the future performance to the Theatre directory.

01.07.2006 Carrier anniversary of Alexander Dubrovin, Merited Artist of Russia
July 1, 2006 Alexander Dubrovin, the head scenic designer of the Alexandrinsky Theatre celebrated his carrier anniversary: 25 years work in the Alexandrinsky Theatre. In 1974 Alexander Dubrovin graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography, the faculty of theatre engineering and decoration of performances. In 1981 he was invited for the position of the art director in the Alexandrinsky Theatre named after A.S. Pushkin.

28.06.2006 The new restorers discovery
June 23, 2006 in the course of restoration works the canvas painting were found glued to the inner side of the orchestra barrier. The canvas paintings depicted theatre auditorium and could be dated 1860. The comparison of the parts of those canvas paintings showed that they were used for decoration of dress-circle barriers. In the 80s the barriers were decorated with Russian fairy-tails images.

28.06.2006 Restorers findings and discoveries
In the foundation of the lower imperial box they found storage of wooden fancy batten - a gilded moulding of this box. The restorers managed to determine that this moulding was originally made in 1832. In the same place they found newspapers dated 1832, the year of the theatre construction. The wooden fancy batten will be restored and the deficient parts will made anew. At the end of restoration and reconstruction works it will take its historic spot as a lower imperial box decoration.

23.06.2006 The anniversary of Kira Kreilis-Petrova, Merited Artist of Russia

July 1, 2006 Kira Kreilis-Petrova, Merited Artist of Russia celebrates her anniversary. Kira Alexandrovna began to work in the Pushkin Theatre in 1980, in the prime of her carrier. By that time she already had a lot of experience of work in provincial theatres and in the theatres of Leningrad: Maly Drama Teatre, Estrady Theatre, Youth Theatre named after A.A. Bryanzev. During that time she played more that 70 parts.

13.06.2006 The anniversary of Peoples Artist of Russia Galina Karelina

June 18, 2006 Peoples Artist of Russia Galina Timofeevna Karelina celebrates her anniversary.
Actress comes into the pleiad of outstanding masters of the Alexandrinsky stage who present an example of whole-hearted devotion to profession and theatre, which brought them up and gave the space for the permanent creative search. During 50 years of work on the stage of Alexandrinsky theatre she has played more than 60 roles of modern and classic repertoire which are milestones in theatre history.

05.06.2006 The anniversary of the Merited Artist of Russia Elena Lipets

June 6, 2006 the Merited Artist of Russia Elena Lipets celebrates her anniversary.
Elena Lipets is a bright, jaunty and outstanding actress. She started working successfully in the theatre crew and played a lot of comic roles, which require expressive plasticity of movements. The actress keeps an ironic distance to her characters, precisely estimating every action, even if she plays the kitchen-sink realistic dramas.

16.05.2006 Petersburg in Mikhailovsky castle.

The performance Petersburg after the novel of Andrey Bely (director Andrey Moguchy) is going again in the yard of Mikhailovsky castle from May 27, 2006. About 160 people are engaged in the joint project of the Alexandrinsky Theatre and the Russian museum, and among them are not only leading actors of the Alexandrinsky stage, but also the Formal Theatre actors, the little, musicians, vocal group Eleon, students of the Russian Drama School and students of St.Petersburg Military-Topographic Institute. You can watch the performances on May 27-30 and June 1-4 and 14-18. The beginning is at 8 p.m.

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