Federal State Cultural Institution `A.S.Pushkin (Alexandrinsky) Russian State Academic Drama Theatre`Federal State Cultural Institution `A.S.Pushkin (Alexandrinsky) Russian State Academic Drama Theatre`Federal State Cultural Institution `A.S.Pushkin (Alexandrinsky) Russian State Academic Drama Theatre`


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15.05.2006 The visit of St. Petersburg governor
The working visit of St. Petersburg governor Valentina Matvienko to the Alexandrinsky Theatre took place on May 13. It was devoted to the next stage of reconstruction and restoration works of the oldest drama theatre in Russia. Valentina Matvienko has seen the building over in the presence of artistic director of the theatre Valery Fokin, theatre manager Igor Sagedi, representatives from Northwest Management for construction, reconstruction and restoration and also project coordinator from OOO Petr Veliky (OOO ???? ???????).

12.05.2006 Grigory Popov anniversary
The deputy artistic director for staging at the Alexandrinsky Theatre, Grigory Borisovich Popov will be 40 on May 15, 2006. Since 2004 Grigory Popov has been managing the theatre-decorative department. He carries out the performances on the Alexandrinsky stage and organizes theatre tours. In cooperation with artistic director and production director he takes part in the process of creating and presenting set models and décor drafts to the artistic directory. He is also responsible for the budget and technical documentation and may other things.

27.04.2006 The Evening in Memory of Yuriy Tolubeyev
1 May 2006 is the 100th Birthday of Yuriy Tolubeyev, the Peoples Artist of Russia, the winner of Lenins and State Prizes. This distinguished actor, one the prominent masters of the Pushkinsky Theatre is well known to the audience from the classic Soviet films such as The Return of Maxim, A Man with a Riffle, Hamlet, The Inspector General, Don Quixote, The Chronicles of the Dive- Bomber.

18.04.2006 Winners of the 12th Golden Mask Festival

The awards ceremony of the 12th Festival Zolotaya Maska (the Golden Mask) took place on 17 April 2006.
Valery Fokins production of The Overcoat staged at Moscow Sovremennik Theatre has won in the Best Small Production category. Artist Alexandr Borovskiy was awarded The Golden Mask in the Best Artist category for his stage designs in The Overcoat.

17.04.2006 70th Birthday of Geliy Sysoyev, the Distinguished Artist of Russia

Geliy Sysoyev, the Distinguished Artist of Russia will celebrate his 70th Birthday on 29 April 2006. Geliy Sysoyev is familiar to the audience primarily from his work in the cinema. He took part in over 80 films, many of which became true classics including The Wedding in Malinovka, Horison, Today a new attraction, On the way to Berlin, Everything will be fine. He also performed over 4000 dubbing parts. But according to the actor himself, the theatre has always played a more important part in his career. He first joined the Alexandrinsky Theatre in 1962, but after 10 years had to leave it for the Theatre of the Cinema Actor. After taking part in many films and travelling the country, Sysoyev took the first opportunity to return to the Alexandrinsky Theatre.

13.04.2006 Valdimir Lisetskys Honorary Title

Vladimir Lisetsky, an actor of the Alexandrinsky Theatre has been awarded the honorary title of the Peoples Artist of Russia (by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 310 dated 03.04.06).

Over his long career at the Alexandrinsky Theatre, Vladimir Lisetsky has played almost 120 roles from small parts in earlier years to main ones in both classical and contemporary plays.

12.04.2006 Lithuanian Tour

The Alexandrinsky Theatre will be on tour in Vilnius from 23 to 20 April 2006. Two productions will be shown at the Lithuanian National Theatre - The Double by F.M. Dostoyevsky (26, 27 April at 18.00) and The Inspector General by N.V. Gogol (29,30 April at 18.00). The Alexandrinsky Theatre last visited in Vilnius 40 years ago in May 1966 with their production of The Scandalous Affair of Mr Kettle and Mrs Moon by JB Priestley. The Russian drama theatre is celebrating its 250th Anniversary this year and this tour will contribute to the strengthening of cultural links between Russia and Lithuania.

11.04.2006 50th Birthday of Svetlana Smirnova, the Peoples Artist of Russia
Svetlana Smirnova, the Peoples Artist of Russia, is celebrating her 50th Birthday on 25 April 2006. This actress became known to the wider audience after her cinema performances in films Somebody Elses Letters (1975), First Time Married (1978), The Life of Klim Samgin, Dead Mans Letters (1986), Lady with a Parrot (1988), The Royal Hunt(1990), The Streets of Broken Lamps (episode The Pale Moth, 1998 TEFI Award), The Fourteen Colours of the Rainbow (Directed by Dmitry Svetozarov, 2000 Kinotavr Award for the best female performance).

06.04.2006 60th Birthday of Vladimir Kurashkin, the Distinguished Artist of Russia
Vladimir Kurashkin, the Distinguished Artist of Russia will celebrate his 60th Birthday on 22 April 2006. Vladimir Kurashkin joined the A.S.Pushkin Russian Academic Drama Theatre immediately after his graduation from the Theatre Institute. Even as a student he demonstrated a great ability to produce expressive and memorable characters. Among them - the clerk Semen Panteleyevich Yepikhodov from Chekhovs The Cherry Orchard (!974) an insignificant, timid person ignored by people around him. He also played Antonio in Shakesperes Much Ado About Nothing (1975) a ninety-year old man, kind, considerate and fragile, who at the same time acts as a true hero, a protector of the weak.

05.04.2006 70th Birthday of Evgeny Kapitonov, the Distinguished Artist of Ukraine

Evgeny Kapitonov joined the A.S.Pushkin Russian Academic Drama Theatre in 1999. He was already an experienced actor with extensive artistic knowledge. For over 30 years Kapitonov worked at the Gorky Academic Drama Theatre in the Crimea. At the Alexandrinsky Theatre he predominantly plays comical character parts. In the last six seasons he played twelve roles including Ermolay (Two Sorrels by A.Belinsky, 2000), Deacon (Tale of Tsar Saltan by A.S.Pushkin, 2000), Don Juans Father (Molière"s Don Juan, 2000), Schelkanov (Boris Godunov by A.S.Pushkin, 2000), ODowd (Vanity Fair by W.Thackeray, 2002), Kuteykin (The Minor by D.Fonvizin, 2003).

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