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07.12.2015 First Night of Marat Gatsalovs Performance The New Time

On December 11, 12, and 13, 2015, the first night of the performance The New Time  directed by the theater director of the New Stage Marat Gatsalov will take place.  Here, as well as in his first job at the Alexandrinsky Theater -Telluria - after Vladimir Sorokins novel, he executed the double occupation of the director and production designer of the performance.  He had worked on this production together with the same team which St. Petersburg public already knows after Telluria: costume designer: Lyosha Lobanov  and composer Vladimir Rannev. The playwright, a young St. Petersburg dramatist, scriptwriter, and director Tatyana Rakhmanova had created this play specifically for the New Stage.  Choreographer Tatyana Gordeyeva worked with the troupe on the creation of a complex plastic score of the performance.

The New Time brought together coryphaeus of the Alexandrinsky Theater Company and young actors, choreographer Tatyana Gordeyevas contemporary dance, and impressive installations on the stage made of several tons of metal.

1564, Italy.  Astronomer Galileo Galilee had made a discovery which changed the destinies of the humankind.  Up until then, scholars had been believed that the Earth had an immovable solid foundation.  Galilee had proved that there were no supports, that everything was mobile. The era of new knowledge was arising, the time to review all previous truths and for new ones to emerge

Major characters of The New Time are played by the quartet of Alexandrinskys coryphaeus: Peoples Artists of Russia Nickolay Marton and Victor Smirnov and Distinguished Artists of Russia Arkady Volgin and Semyon Sytnik. Along with them, young actors of the New Stage will work on the stage: Eugene Antonov, Nickolay Belin, Olga Belinskaya, Olga Bobkova, Leonid Taranov, Karnelina Shkarina, Sofya Shustova and Alexey Frolov.

The performances start at 19:30.  Tickets cost RR600.  Theater booths are open daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. with lunch break from 2 to 3 p.m.  Telephones:  312-15-45 (Main Stage), 401-53-41 (New Stage).

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