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18.01.2016 Jubilee of Distinguished Artist of Russia Yelena Zimina


Today, Distinguished Artist of Russia  Yelena Zimina celebrates her jubilee.   
Yelena Zimina has been working at the Alexandrinsky Theater since 1992; during this period, she has played more than 25 roles. Elena Ziminas bright and creative individuality, her high professionalism and extraordinary stage charm allowed her to play the most diversified roles both in modern and classic plays.  These included: Ophelia (Hamlet, W. Shakespeare, 1992), Deyanira (The Mistress of the Inn,  Goldoni, 1992), Desdemona (Othello, W. Shakespeare, 1993), Sofia (The Ignoramus, D. Fonvisin, 1995), Mary (The Cricket on the Hearth, C. Dickens, 1994), Lady Windermere (Lady Windermere's Fan, O. Wild, 1998), Sonyushka (A Pair of Chestnuts, 2000), Marya Antonovna (Inspector General, N. Gogol, 2002), Amelia Sedley (Vanity Fair by W. Thackeray, 2002), Gladice (The Thirteenth Room,  R. Cooney, 2003), as well as bit-part roles: Page and Marianna (The First Ball of Cinderella by Ye.Swartz, 1995 and 2003); Cinca (The Devil by F. Molnar, 1995); Gremila Shumilovna (Disaster-Bogatyr  Kososhumetovich, 1998); Tsarina (Boris Godunov by A. Pushkin, 1999); Charlotte (Don Juan by Moliere, 2000), Mashenka (No Man Is Wise at All Times, by A. Ostrovsky, 2005); Klara Olsufievna (The Double by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, 2005); Servant (Nora by H. Ibsen), and Stranger (Vampilov. Plays, 2009). 
Yelena Zimina is an actress of broad creative capacities, capable to impersonate lyric characters and play comedy and sharp character roles no less masterly.  The actress has a special stage grace, lightness and internal mobility and versatility in the nuances of feelings and emotions. Today, we can see Yelena Zimina in the roles of Tiltil and Mitils Mother (The Fortune by Andrey Moguchy and K. Filippov, Director  Andrey Moguchy, 2011), of Alice Kinnian in the Flowers for Charley by D. Keyes (Director I. Sakayev),Maria Antonovna (The Inspector General  by N. Gogol, Director Valery Fokin, 2002); the actress is also engaged in the performances Hamlet by W. Shakespeare (Director Valery Fokin, 2010),  A Dream of a Funny Man  (Director I. Keruchenko, 2012), Noise by Y. Bondarenko (Director M. Patlasov, 2014); she also participates in the round dance of masks in Valery Fokins Recollections of the Future after Mikhail Lermontovs drama The Masquerade and Vsevolod Meyerholds performance of 1917.

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