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08.02.2016 Presentation of Masquerade Costumes on the Vs. E. Meyerhold Memorial Day 


On February 4, 2016, the outstanding director Vs. E. Meyerholds Memorial Day, the presentation of the costumes created by young contemporary costume designers, graduates of the St. Petersburg Theater Academy, after A.Y. Golovins sketches for the Masquerade performance of 1917 took place at Meyerholds Apartment Museum.   Diploma jobs of two graduates of the Production Department of the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theater Arts (Professor T.V. Slyozinas class) Nadezhda Shekhurdina (Montas costume, 2009) and Maria Golovina (Chineses costume, 2011) - were presented to public.  The students had thoroughly studied archive documents, costume books with descriptions of materials and genuine costumes of 1917 (the remaining ones), selected similar fabrics, and reproduced the costumes in all details (including hats, wigs, shoes, accessories, and jewelry) following technologies of the early 20th century.  Reconstruction of the missing costumes was implemented within the frame of the Formation of the Youth Audience and Cultural Theater Environment Program of the Department of Youth Projects of the Alexandrinsky Theater; the Alexandrinsky Charitable Foundation had sponsored it financially.  Later on, the costumes had been exposed at two exhibits dedicated to the 150th anniversary of A.Y. Golovin: at the St. Petersburg Puppet Museum and M.Y. Lermontov Library.  Ultimately, they have now taken their rightful place in one of the halls of Vs. E. Meyerholds Apartment Museum in 12 Bryusov Lane.   At the directors memorial soiree, Zinaida S. Esenina, Great Granddaughter of Z.N. Raikh, donated materials from her family archive to the museum.   The same day, memorial floral tribute took place at the Donskoe Cemetery in Moscow, where remnants of Vs. E. Meyerhold, executed on February 2, 1940, sleep in the mass grave along with remnants of many other people whose lives had been cut short in the same tragic way.  

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