Federal State Cultural Institution `A.S.Pushkin (Alexandrinsky) Russian State Academic Drama Theatre`Federal State Cultural Institution `A.S.Pushkin (Alexandrinsky) Russian State Academic Drama Theatre`Federal State Cultural Institution `A.S.Pushkin (Alexandrinsky) Russian State Academic Drama Theatre`


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11.12.2015 The Alexandrinsky Theater at the 4th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum 


At 10.00, presentation of the Russian edition of the Esthetics of Performativity book by Professor Erica Fischer-Lichte (Free University of Berlin, Germany) will open the program on the New Stage to be continued at 12.00 p.m. with a round table entitled Theater Heritage: Preservation, Reconstruction, and Rethinking of Stage Texts;  Russian and foreign theater theoreticians will take part in it:  Alexander Chepurov, Valery Fokin, Andrey Moguchy, Erica Fischer-Lichte (Germany), David  Wiles (Great Britain), Beatrice  Picon-Vallin (France), David Chambers (U.S.), David Drozd (Czech Republic), Donatella Gavrilovich (Italy), Vladislav Ivanov, Vadim Shchebakov, Yury Barboy, Vadim Maximov, Nickolay Pesochinsky. 

Attention is focused on the traditions of scholarly and creative interpretation at the level of preservation, reconstruction, researches, and creative work with theater texts.   Alexander Chepurov, Deputy Artistic Director of the Alexandrinsky Theater, Rector of the Russian State Institute of Stage Arts will be the moderator of the discussion. 

Discussion on the theme will be continued at the round table entitled Contemplation on the Theater Heritage: Worldwide Experience (Conference room of the Alexandrinsky TCC, December 14-16).

The Alexandrinsky Theater will present two Valery Fokins  performances on the Main Stage: The Inspector General  (December 14) and Masquerade. Remembrance of the Future (December 15);    discussion on these performances will take place at the Tsars Lobby  at the round table entitled Alexandrinsky Theaters experience and creative rethinking of classic theater texts which will crown Alexandrinsky theaters work at the Forum.  The round table will start at 1.30 p.m. 

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